Accelerating edge-based networked applications

The proliferation of latency and safety-critical applications such as AR/VR, surveillance, autonomous vehicles, and health monitoring has forced service providers to move from the distant cloud closer to users; namely, to the edge. Edge computing strives to provide a better quality of experience by seeking primarily faster response times. Our team has been surfing on this new trend by exploring cutting-edge programmable network devices (e.g., programmable switches, SmartNICs) as processing units for edge-based applications. The rationale is simple: these devices are closer to the user than any server. Ultimately, our goal is to enable the next generation of low-latency and high-throughput applications to meet the stricter than ever user requirements.


Towards Network-accelerated ML-based Distributed Computer Vision Systems
Hisham Siddique, Miguel Neves, Carson Kuzniar, Israat Haque
IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS) 2021

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NetPixel code is available on github here


  • Israat Haque, Dalhousie University, israat at dal dot ca
  • Miguel Neves, Dalhousie University mg478789 at dal dot ca
  • Carson Kuzniar, Dalhousie University Carson.Kuzniar at dal dot ca
  • Hisham Siddique, Dalhousie University hisham.siddique at dal dot ca